Upgrading Our Services for a Better Shopping Experience!

Enhancing Our Services: Why Pausing Service is Essential for a Better Shopping Experience

At Soghaat Gifts & Fragrances, we are always striving to provide our valued customers with the best possible shopping experience. We believe that constant improvement is the key to exceeding your expectations. That’s why we are excited to announce some significant upgrades to our infrastructure and the relocation of our warehouse. While this process requires a temporary pause in our services from July 7th to July 13th, we assure you that it is an essential step towards creating an even better shopping experience for you.

Investing in Infrastructure:

To serve you more efficiently and effectively, we are making substantial investments in our infrastructure. This includes upgrading our systems, enhancing our technology, and optimizing our warehouse operations. These improvements will streamline our processes, minimize errors, and allow for faster order fulfilment, ultimately benefiting you, our valued customer.

Moving to a Bigger and Better Warehouse:

One of the key changes we are implementing is the relocation of our warehouse. By moving to a larger space, we can expand our inventory and accommodate a wider range of products to meet your needs. The new warehouse will be equipped with advanced storage systems and optimized layouts, ensuring quicker access to products and faster order processing.

Why Pause Service?

You may be wondering why we need to pause our services during this time. The answer is simple: to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the quality of our services. Relocating a warehouse and upgrading infrastructure involves intricate logistics and meticulous planning. By temporarily pausing service, we can focus on safely and efficiently moving our inventory, setting up the new warehouse, and implementing the necessary upgrades without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Pausing Service:

  1. Seamless Transition: Pausing our services allows us to concentrate fully on the transition process, ensuring minimal disruption to our operations. This means that when we resume shipping, we will be fully prepared to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers.

  2. Enhanced Efficiency: The upgrades to our infrastructure will result in improved efficiency throughout the order fulfillment process. From faster picking and packing to expedited shipping, these enhancements will enable us to fulfill orders more promptly and accurately, reducing any delays in the future.

  3. Expanded Product Range: With the move to a larger warehouse, we will be able to stock a wider variety of products. This means you’ll have access to an even greater selection of items, making your shopping experience more comprehensive and satisfying.

  4. Improved Customer Support: During this transition period, our dedicated customer support team will be available to assist you via email, WhatsApp, or phone. While our phone lines and email server will be temporarily down until 3:30 PM on Thursday, we are committed to providing prompt assistance and addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Appreciating Your Patience:

We understand that this temporary pause in service may cause some inconvenience, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this period. To express our gratitude for your support, all orders placed between July 7th and July 13th will include a free body spray of your choice. Simply add a body spray to your cart and use the code “UPGRADEME” to claim your complimentary gift. This is our way of saying thank you for your understanding and loyalty.

Body Spray Deodorant

At Soghaat Gifts & Fragrances, we are dedicated to constantly improving our services to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience. The upgrades to our infrastructure and the relocation of our warehouse are crucial steps in this journey. Although there will be a temporary pause in our services from July 7th to July 13th, we assure you that we are working diligently to make this transition as smooth as possible. We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you better than ever before when we resume shipping on Thursday, July 13th. Thank you for your continued support!